Organizations frequently find a customized training curriculum is the most cost-effective way to train a large number of employees. The customizations are usually required to match their own internal software development process, or as the result of tailoring the Unified Process. Typical customizations include deleted or added activities, streamlined deliverables, modified roles, terminology differences, and integration with related internal groups such as marketing, business representatives, operations, etc.

The Intekglobal training curriculum offers an excellent starting point for an organization's customized training curriculum. A one-time license fee is charged that gives your organization internal rights to use our copyrighted material. Our senior course developers are available to assist you in making the appropriate customizations to the courses. You may use your own staff to train, or leverage our experience by using one of our senior instructors to teach your customized class.

Sudden Impact Services

Our Customized Training Solution Services™ include:

Training Assessment

Customized Training Assessment

training curriculum

Review your training goals to assess the feasibility and costs of a customized training curriculum

Training Plan

Customized Training Plan

Training Duration

Number of days - 5 days

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