Iterative software development processes enable superior project estimation, scheduling, planning and tracking. Iterative development provides a detailed view into a project's progress, status, issues, and risks. But attaining these benefits requires project managers to develop new skills - and to understand when and how to best apply them.

Intekglobal's Iterative Project Management training builds on traditional project management skills to enable project managers to successfully manage iterative development.

Intekglobal's Iterative Project Management Training

Iterative, agile processes impact the project management discipline at every step:

  • Estimation, scheduling and budgeting
  • Risk management
  • Progress and status tracking
  • Change management and re-planning
  • Resource management and motivation

Intekglobal offers unique and customizable training to enable PMs to handle these impacts.
Intekglobal's Iterative Development Strategies Course provides a comparison of iterative processes, key factors in tailoring a process, and the changes necessary for successfully implementing an iterative approach to software development. Our hands-on, participatory training supplements traditional project management skills with techniques and approaches essential to managing iterative development processes. The course includes:

  • Best practices for project managers
  • Project estimation, planning and scheduling for iterative approaches using use cases
  • High level plan of the overall project to build the business case
  • Detailed planning for each iteration, iteration assessment and re-planning for change
  • Resource utilization in an iterative approach, and the transition of resources throughout the lifecycle
  • Managing requirements; controlling, and integrating change
  • Quality Assurance and Metrics for iterative processes


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