Intekglobal is a thought-leader in software development process - providing you with a documented, proven methodology to improve communication, planning, strategy, and production. And helping to ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget.

Process Courses

Intekglobal process courses teach you about roles, activities, techniques, deliverables, and how diverse disciplines relate to one another. All our courses emphasize iterative lifecycles.

Learn the Unified Process, Agile methods, or web-specific process extensions for your existing process.

Customized Unified Process Training

In addition to our traditional process curriculum, Intekglobal offers a customized Unified Process training program designed to further meet your specific organizational goals. Our program is fast, affordable, and provides a significantly streamlined process training experience. By leveraging our existing Unified Process courseware, and adding customizations tailored to your organization, we create a unique training course that eliminates or modifies process roles, activities, and artifacts…exactly to the needs of your organization.

  • A license for our existing course material allowing you to reproduce and teach the material to your employees and contractors.
  • Expert process consultants that help you modify or extend the Unified Process to your organization's requirements.
  • Experienced course developers to adapt our existing training material to your unique process.
  • Skilled practitioners customize exercises and examples meaningful to your domain to provide your employees more readily understandable workshops.
  • Use of Intekglobal's expert training staff, or training of your internal instructors.

Intekglobal offers a wealth of experience in customized process training. We have successfully developed cost-effective tailored training programs for large IT organizations. Moreover, our full software lifecycle curriculum and experienced training staff will give you the knowledge and skills to be more productive when developing today's most demanding applications.

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Providing high quality IT consulting, disciplined technology implementation and software training.

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We are team of professionals who understand business software and meet your requirements, budget and deadline.

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Provide solutions beyond software that transform data into knowledge to better serve their customers.

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