Learn career-enhancing software requirements techniques that go far beyond the basics and put you in firm command of the software requirements process. The Intekglobal Requirements Discipline is a set of training courses that goes far beyond basic use case instruction. You will examine advanced issues such as defining complex business rules, selecting a use case style (informal, formal, or essential), specifying steps and data, and handling iteration and concurrency. The Intekglobal Requirements Discipline will:

  • Ensure that projects are delivered on-time and on-budget
  • Improve requirements testability
  • Increase first time quality
  • Enhance team and client communication
  • Solve complex, real world problems
  • Provide career growth through improved skills

From Introductory to Advanced Training

The Intekglobal Requirements Discipline thoroughly covers essential and advanced requirements topics. This unique and powerful set of training and coaching incorporates Intekglobal consultanting experience while conforming to the widely accepted Unified Process methodology. The Requirements Discipline includes:

  • Introduction to Use Cases: provides an overview of use case concepts and explores how and why teams capture and model requirements with use cases
  • Defining and Managing Requirements with Use Cases: teaches requirements management, requirements elicitation and use case development
  • Advanced Use Case Lab: teaches the technology of use case modeling and the practice of writing use cases effectively with orchestrated examples. This is an excellent course for people who have been writing use cases but need to better measure success and learn new techniques. It incorporates 50% hands-on labs
  • Requirements Elicitation and Facilitation: teaches students how to elicit, analyze and communicate requirements. This course includes 14 hands-on labs during which students have the opportunity to practice the software facilitation techniques they are taught
  • Facilitated Use Case Workshop: an experienced mentor coaches your project team through a series of activities to jump start the development of a use case model or use case specifications for a specific project. This workshop reinforces training and yields useful, needed artifacts for the project

The Requirements Discipline is just one part of Intekglobal's full lifecycle curriculum.


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