Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is the latest paradigm impacting the people, processes, and technologies that make 21st century business work. As market forces change industry, survival depends on how fast you adapt. SOA transforms and modernizes your enterprise with a single view of your business, leveraging an efficient and simplified standards-compliant architectural approach for your automated systems.

The SOA value proposition is substantial. With SOA, you can:

  • Reduce complexity by aligning your business and IT services
  • Extract new value from existing systems
  • Develop flexible business models enabled by increased granularity of services
  • Combine and reuse pre-built service components for rapid application development and deployment in response to market change
  • Integrate historically separate systems and facilitate mergers and acquisitions of enterprises
  • Reduce cycle times and costs for external business partners by moving from manual to automated transactions
  • Offer new services to customers without having to worry about the underlying IT infrastructure

Intekglobal and SOA

Combining lessons learned from real world SOA implementations with the best of current standards, Intekglobal SOA Consulting and Training brings together the People, Process, and Technology needed to make SOA adoption, and your business, successful. Our workable and proven approach to SOA implementation includes:

  • Expert SOA Architects and Trainers, with a deep background in Enterprise Architecture and SOA
  • A thirty course, advanced software curriculum with thousands of students taught per year in hundreds of class room deliveries
  • Vendor neutrality, supporting SOA best practice without tool bias
  • Understanding both how to explain the "Architecture" of SOA to the Business as well as how to explain the "Service" of SOA to IT
  • Leadership in developing and implementing software process, with a practical, pragmatic approach to team training


Learn from the experts

Intekglobal's SOA curriculum reflects real world experience and is taught by hands-on SOA experts. CIOs, Enterprise Architects and Managers, as well as team members will benefit from Intekglobal SOA training. Our training covers such topics as:

  • What is SOA
  • SOA and Web Services
  • The business case for SOA
  • The SOA Roadmap
  • Service Oriented Business Architecture
  • Service Oriented Analysis
  • Service Oriented Design
  • WSDL, Schema, and Service Level Agreement (SLA) specification
  • SOA Reference Architecture
  • Understanding successful SOA strategies
  • Assessing the impact of SOA for your organization
  • Migrating from traditional architectures to SOA
  • Designing and documenting SOA
  • Learning from SOA Best Practices
  • Evaluating appropriate SOA vendors
  • Navigating SOA legacy enablement

Intekglobal Service Oriented Consulting

From the strategic enterprise wide rollouts to tactical Web Services implementations, the scope of SOA can be daunting. Intekglobal's SOA consultants provide the expert guidance your organization needs to be successful whether strategically - or tactically. Our service include:

  • SOA Strategy Workshops
    SOA is the first technology that directly enables business strategy. Our workshop will outline an overall strategy to analyze your business services and identify key activities to make the maximum progress.
  • Service Oriented Technology Assessments
    Organizations already have some of the technology needed to adopt SOA, but with the variety of vendors and tools out there, most are not quite sure how to get started. This assessment reviews your existing tools and technologies and makes recommendations for what additional tools to buy - and when.
  • Service Oriented Roadmaps and Planning
    SOA adoption is a multi-year process for most companies - and can be critical to staying competitive. As internal capability mature, a roadmap will help maximize the continuing benefits of SOA to your organization - and make sure that you don't fall behind the competition.
  • Service Oriented Reference Architecture Definition
    The Reference Architecture defines critical technologies, their vendors, and how they will work together. Documenting this is one of the first steps in adopting SOA.
  • Service Oriented Methodology Development
    Most organizations have mature development process, but almost all fail to take into account the new workflows and artifacts required by SOA. Without an SOA methodology, organization will find it hard to build consistent Services.
  • Legacy Enablement Workshop
    SOA's earliest ROI will be realized by organizations leveraging its power to access legacy systems. Many legacy systems, though, present unique challenges in the granularity and SLA of the services that can be exposed, and so understanding these limitations will be key to maximizing the ultimate value of any legacy effort.
  • Client and Partner Integration Workshop
    The success of any partner integration or client integration strategy will depend on the ability to define interfaces in terms of business services. This workshop focuses on the key SOA elements that support integration.

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