Poor user interface design discourages people from using an application, affects your professional reputation, and impacts your company's bottom line. A usable software application encourages and enables adoption and productivity through:

  • Increased usage
  • Improved user satisfaction
  • Optimized user acquisition and conversion
  • Enhanced brand image

Intekglobal's Usability Training offerings provide practical instruction designed to assist you in improving the usability of your applications while increasing your and your staff's knowledge base, experience and productivity.

Practical, Hands-on Skills

Intekglobal knows how to integrate business strategy, creative design, and information technology to develop highly effective user experiences. We have developed many award-winning and business-enhancing web sites and interactive technology applications during over many client engagements. Our instructors bring you industry standards, best practices and the real-world experience of Intekglobal development teams, web site and software usability consultants, and human factors specialists from around the world.

Intekglobal's Intro to Usability and Information Architecture (IA) & UI Design training courses provide useful, real-world instruction on: integrating usability in the lifecycle; usability evaluation methods; usability testing; roles and activities involved in user interface and user experience design; and principles and techniques used to design usable web sites and software applications.


Training You Desire to Build Your Team

Intekglobal's training goes far beyond usability curriculum. Through our formal training coursework, we mentor and train your staff to develop the critical skills they require to effectively manage and execute technology and process projects in-house, thereby improving efficiencies and reducing out-sourcing costs. Intekglobal's industry-leading training comprises introductory- to advanced-level curriculums in a variety of focused disciplines, including RUP, UML, Requirements & Use Cases, and Project Management. Visit http://Intekglobal.com/training/index.html to learn more about these and other courses.

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Providing high quality IT consulting, disciplined technology implementation and software training.

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We are team of professionals who understand business software and meet your requirements, budget and deadline.

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Provide solutions beyond software that transform data into knowledge to better serve their customers.

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