Object oriented modeling has become the de facto approach for modern systems development, but true expertise and experience is hard to find. Intekglobal's Unified Modeling Language (UML) analysts, architects, and developers are fully certified professionals in object oriented systems modeling and development, and possess the critical skills needed to move your project into production. Our experts bridge the critical gap between domain modeling, design patterns, and coding idioms. Whether you are targeting distributed systems on .NET or J2EE, we get projects done, fast.

Solution Services™

Intekglobal UML and Software Development Solution Services™ include:

Service Description Deliverables
Component Development Outsourced component development from your software specifications. Fully documented executable J2EE or .NET components


Who We Are?

Providing high quality IT consulting, disciplined technology implementation and software training.

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We are team of professionals who understand business software and meet your requirements, budget and deadline.

Our Mission

Provide solutions beyond software that transform data into knowledge to better serve their customers.

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