Intekglobal aligns business with IT. Our software consultants and coaches provide high-impact, lower cost, and personally focused technical expertise (compared to those big name consulting giants). We understand development process (RUP, Agile, Scrum, XP), Unified Modeling Language (UML), software requirements with use cases, iterative project management, software architecture, and object-oriented development.

Intekglobal consultants are certified experts in specialized, critical skills like:

  • Agile, RUP (Unified Process), Scrum, XP software process customization
  • Iterative, Agile, Scrum project management
  • UML and distributed systems architecture
  • Service Oriented Architecture and Web Services
  • Use case development and requirements analysis

Our focus is expert-level consulting for companies desiring individuals who act as catalysts for organizational change. Intekglobal consultants make an impact. We work at both the executive (strategic) level - enabling technology decision making and strategic direction, as well as tactical level sharing best practices, skills, and knowledge attained over years' of hands-on project experience. Our experts are nationwide, available when you need us at prices you can afford.

Intekglobal consultants, coaches, and mentors help you improve the quality, repeatability, and productivity of your software development process. We work side-by-side with your project teams to assure both a top-notch product, as well as a vital mentoring role that transfers our skills to your organization.


Who We Are?

Providing high quality IT consulting, disciplined technology implementation and software training.

Why Choose Us?

We are team of professionals who understand business software and meet your requirements, budget and deadline.

Our Mission

Provide solutions beyond software that transform data into knowledge to better serve their customers.

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