Effective management may be the most critical skill influencing your project or enterprise success. Intekglobal program and project managers are seasoned professionals who possess a minimum of ten years experience and a demonstrated ability to lead modern software development projects. We are available to lead your team, or act as mentors to one or more of your own project managers

Our approach is hands-on. Intekglobal project managers expertly balance the critical needs of scope and client management, resource allocation, financial and schedule estimation and controls, iterative process maturity, and personnel development. These professionals are our most sought after resources, and are typically credited for project success. Integrating our project managers on your team in a full leadership or support role is guaranteed to enhance your success. Inquire about availability today.

Solution Services™

Our Program and Project Management Solution Services™ include:

Service Description Deliverables
Project Initiation Establish an initial project plan Business case, Software Development Plan, Risk List
Project Review One or more of our Senior Program Managers review the progress of your project at key program milestones, and provide specific, actionable recommendations, and overall risk assessment. Critical Readiness Review Document
Iteration Planning Establish a tactical iterative project management plan Iterative Project Plan


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