Most software development processes are meant to be tailored or customized before use on a project. The tailoring adapts the process for application parameters such as complexity, performance, usability, and architecture. Tailoring eliminates costly unneeded activities, adapts roles to your exact needs, and streamlines the project deliverables to save time while still capturing essential information.

Effective tailoring of a process requires a broad knowledge of software development best practices, experience with both traditional and agile processes, and a solid background in the skills required by the process. Intekglobal experts have all three, allowing them to rapidly select, tailor, and formalize the optimal development process for your team or enterprise. Armed with a thorough understanding of the tenets of the Unified Process (UP), Agile eXtreme Programming (XP), and popular variations including SCRUM, our process experts understand what works and what doesn't in different environments. Moreover, they understand critical success factors and can communicate how your team can be successful!

Intekglobal process experts can provide critical insights that will save you time and money. Call us today for a no-cost initial consultation.

Software Development Process Solutions

Our Software Development Process Solution Services™ include:

Service Description Deliverables
Process Assessment An independent assessment of your software development process and its effectiveness Observations and recommendations for improvements
Process Roadmap A review of your software development projects, and a recommended high-level process roadmap A high-level tailored software development process


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