Cloud Services

In the form of the web services, Amazon Web Services began offering IT infrastructure solutions, widely referred to as cloud computing, to organizations and businesses.

Today AWS provides businesses in 190 countries with highly flexible, efficient, and low-cost services. Let's look at some of the more popular cloud storage and AWS problems.

"Data strategy" appears to be the current mood in the IT world, and you undoubtedly wondered what it is and if you need to be worried about it. In the area of Data strategy, there is a lot of scientific jargon and what has to be achieved and when specifically, can’t be discerned. There is a lot of scientific vocabulary in this field and what has to be done and when can not be discerned precisely.

We provide a device, computing, and Virtual Network Technology within AWS cloud architecture, distribution, and regular operating support. Our platform and architecture monitors and maintains processes and helps minimize unregulated consumption by our financial and governance services.

Our AWS cloud platforms help clients simplify their AWS usage and benefit from versatile consumption structures, such as infrastructure as a service and network. These businesses benefit from the agile development and implementation of cloud-based software in addition to costs control.


AWS migration

It takes time and thorough preparation to shift the company into a cloud. Intekglobal understands the core principles of the organization and provides a personalized AWS creation approach to help businesses manage the dynamic process of data transfer and deployment. Our AWS tech architects build, maintain, and turn the cloud infrastructure.


Creation of AWS App

We create your company's Amazon Web Services Applications; our AWS developers are easy to turn your concepts into apps. Intekglobal gives you the most cost-effective and rapid integration approach. Our AWS engineers have comprehensive know-how in developing the AWS program architecture from start to finish.


Automatic automation

Intekglobal allows us to simplify the whole cloud system using DevOps. From server setup to app incorporating, we build the company features. Our AWS experts use the business experience to optimize the process by simplifying repeat, time, and dangerous functions. Cloud automation increases overall efficiency and helps you to concentrate on critical company priorities.


Control of cloud assets

Our expertise track the AWS cloud health constantly, identify risks, and fix problems rapidly. From daily system repair to problem-solving, we deliver detailed AWS infrastructure management. Intekglobal provides the full features and best performance of the Amazon web operations department.


Infrastructure implementation and applications

Intekglobal designed and built complex AWS cloud architectures. Our capabilities include strategic planning, the audit of architecture, custom design, implementation, new system integrations, and applications. The post-deployment checks and 24/7 technical assistance are provided by our AWS programmers.


You should use big data

  • Find new consumers with market insights.
  • Find new possibilities by the study of applicable marketing trends.
  • Restore tactics and develop customer-based products.
  • Predict Big Data Analytics threats and follow developments in the new market.
  • Grow company perspectives through dynamic and collaborative tools.