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Industry Expertise

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Aerospace & Defense

Embedded software is critical to the success of federal institutions, military organizations, defense, and aerospace sectors. This doesn't just mean ensuring industry-leading software quality each and every time. It is making sure that your systems are safe, secure, and reliable 24/7. Cutting-edge solutions with greater agility can only be shaped through collaborative partnerships. At IntekGlobal, we are a firm believer that shaping a better tomorrow means achieving more. We stand proudly in our work with the world's leading defense and aerospace companies, to make this a reality together.

When your business relies on quality code without a single defect, our developers are there to give you a superior product our clients have come to expect out of industry experts. We handle large codebases, complex systems, and strict compliance requirements with experience, accuracy, and attention to detail. Our team has the right experience and tools to demonstrate compliance and develop sophisticated systems. We have a proven track record of meeting rapidly changing constraints and business goals in highly regulated Aerospace and Defense sectors. At IntekGlobal, we are more than merely a team of experienced developers; we are comprised of valued core technologists and engineers who love what they do.

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Healthcare is one of the biggest proponents of technology advancements today. Advancements in the healthcare space help improve the lives of millions of people; from security teams and operations to patient care. Rapid technology innovation encourages healthcare providers to find industry-leading solutions that will streamline their routine.

At IntekGlobal, we offer complete end-to-end healthcare solutions and Health IT Staffing services. This includes blank-slate development projects, software add-ons and upgrades, and prototyping. Our healthcare initiatives and projects are tackled with usability and compliance in mind with adherence to industry standards on a regional, state, and federal level.

As a leading technology consulting and staffing agency, we streamline reporting and communications for caregivers to enhance the treatment and diagnostics of patients. Our advanced workflow optimization engages patients and tackles common day-to-challenges to provide reliable, efficient, and compassionate care.

Our experienced team of Engineers specializes in the designing and construction of customized solutions to improve health systems, clinics, hospitals, assisted living facilities, and other providers with an emphasis on secure PHI, balance costs, and patient-driven outcomes.

Our world is continuously progressing, whether it's through regulatory changes and improvements, technology advances, market changes, and evolving healthcare standards. That's why we establish long-term consulting, staffing, and software engineering partnerships with our clients. Your business needs someone that can architect, design, build, test, optimize, and support enterprise healthcare applications.

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Banking & Finance

When you need competitive software in an industry that is highly regulated, IntekGlobal is there to meet and exceed ever-increasing performance standards. We understand that finance systems rely on carefully calculated risks and potentials. For this reason, IT systems must remain flexible enough to be easily updated with the latest regulatory requirements and fast enough for efficient business decisions.

IntekGlobalX provides our partners with all of the resources they need to develop critical enterprise solutions with a balance between security and flexibility. Our systems are developed with future growth in mind and the power to scale. We specialize in robust digital solutions comprised with usability intended for innovators and leaders in financial services. How do we do this? By combining forward-thinking architecture with user experience and agile delivery.

We don't just stop at robust and quality software development. Our experienced team of engineers empowers your business operations through digital advancements. When you partner with IntekGlobal, you gain access to a range of innovative technologies, including artificial, machine learning, big data, and blockchain. We've honed our resources to offer superior technology solutions with a focus on the B2B sector, lending providers, digital banks, payment processors, and supply chain financials.

As an expert in technical, financial services, we have experience with fast-paced disruption. Don't compromise on quality — partner with a team that has specific FinTech experience in their toolbelt and understands your project requirements. We don't just help our FinTech clients keep up with changing market demands; we help you stay ahead of the curve to give yourself a business edge in disruptive technologies.

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Human Resources

We've partnered with some of the world's most prominent organizations on solving performance challenges for over a decade, so we understand what makes them tick. We also know that HR teams have different styles and needs that can't be met with a one-size-fits-all product.

At IntekGlobal, we start by working with you to understand the challenges you face, so we can develop a custom solutions and tools for you to overcome them. Whether you need quick access to reports on employee performance, to save time and reduce paperwork, or gauge things like employee talent and comfortability, we can help you pin down your needs and goals. A custom-built human resource management system (HRMS) is your best solution to substantially improving your HR process.

HRMS helps to automate operational processes in both mid-sized and larger enterprises. Our efficiency system is tailored to your individual business and gives HR departments the tools they need to achieve strategic objectives.

At IntekGlobal, our most significant accomplishment is the community and culture we've created for our partners and employees. Our drive and our heart to give the very best is rooted in our pillar to help every individual we reach realize and fulfill their potential. When you need the best resources to design and develop top of the line custom HR tools, contact IntekGlobal today.