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Nearshore Staffing Solutions

When your company is looking for a more convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional offshoring, nearshoring is precisely what you need. Based in Mexico, IntekGlobal is a Nearshoring Solutions company that allows you to monitor and coordinate project progress smoothly. Working with a company located in a similar time zone will ensure high-quality results and faster product delivery.

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IntekGlobal’s nearshore development center uses real-time collaboration tools like Lean and Agile to fit seamlessly into your development practices. Video conferencing allows our team to present completed work, engage in daily SCUMS, and address questions and concerns throughout the workday. Our exceptional developers successfully utilize this exclusive advantage to deliver the highest value and greatest customer transparency in IT staffing.

Remote engagement is the cornerstone of our business. Thanks to our efficient recruitment procedures, product owners, UX/UI designers, and expert full-stack developers will be integrated directly into your project. Whether they’re hired to complement your established team or to become your entire workforce, our highly capable associates will work exclusively as a cohesive, collaborative effort.