Intekglobal AI Services: Powered by Machine, Designed for You

The Information Age is more than a cliché. It’s a turning point in modern society. And the immense amount of data that is produced by technology delivers an avalanche of information. Subsequently feeding an organizational and individual thirst for even more knowledge. The levels of efficiency and sophistication required for applicative insights can only be met by one thing - Artificial Intelligence.


Artificial Intelligence (AI), is a group of technologies that allow machines to perform tasks that would normally require human intelligence. In fact, our clients have experienced astounding success when machines and humans work together to complement and leverage each other's strengths.

When you partner with Intekglobal, no problem is too big or too small. Our highly skilled staff is experienced in optimizing solutions and solving complex technical use cases. That is why we created an onsite staffing solution that is completely tailored to your specific needs. From superior technical services to bulk staffing requirements, we are here to help. ‘ .


How We Can Help

At Intekglobal, we have the talent, experience, and capability to design ccompletely custom, next generation AI applications that provide solutions to bottlenecks in your organization.

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AI Consulting & NLP Services

At Intekglobal, we believe in providing our clients with industry-leading performance. By developing applications to automate business operations and maximize your ROI. Our robust solutions are specially designed to integrate with your current processes while fueling future projected growth. When it comes to AI technologies, we are experts in everything from Machine Learning, Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing, and so more.

Natural Language Processing (NLP), combines the power of AI machine learning and linguistics. As a top NLP service provider, we build a dynamic digital assistance that understands industry-specific terminology, contextual nuances, and multiple languages. Our team can help you integrate top-level self-learning NLP capabilities throughout your bots, applications, and IoT devices to smooth out industry bottlenecks. By leveraging our expertise, your enterprise can completely eliminate complex processes, help people communicate, and make better decisions for your business.

AI Tool & Chatbot Development

AI Tool Development is a high-touch stakeholder activity that reduces the operational burden experienced across organizations. By automating low-level tasks and providing better information for decision-makers, we build development tools that integrate with various aspects of AI; including Computer Vision with IoT, voice recognition, and smart cameras.

A chatbot is an important tool for simulating intelligent conversations with humans. Artificial intelligences paired with a set of rules allow users to interact with bots on various conversational interfaces through written and spoken text. Intekglobal chatbots efficiently live message on platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Telegram. Assisting consumers with a variety of purposes and industries. This AI tool can help people manage their finances, find out what the weather is on a particular day, and even order products.

The progressive and ever evolving chatbot intelligence allows them to communicate with users in the same manner humans converse in real-life. This conversational AI skill is not only trendy, but a promising tribute to the ultimate goal of AI. That is for machines to respond to humans like a human would respond, in human-like terms.

Language is one of the fastest growing machine-learning interfaces. Chatbots are being built to recognize requests, provide relevant information, and even uphold friendly conversations with those that seek information.

But chatbots are more than just a cool technology advancement. They actually transform the user experience. People want simple and convenient interactions with interface and products. When your machine becomes conversational and intelligent, your consumers experience convenience and the power to do things on their own terms.

Computer Vision Services

Image Classification
When it comes to categorizing images on an enterprise-scale, our computer vision image classification service is quick and accurate. Classify your images based on content type, quality, or any other customized criteria that best fits your goals.
Object Detection
Computer vision projects require in-image labels. Object detection tools include everything from line labels, bounding boxes, polygons, and quality checks. Ensure the most efficient and accurate object detection labels for your enterprise with Intekglobal Computer Vision Services.
Object Tagging
When you need to identify multiple classes and instances of a variety of objects, we have the number one solution. Intekglobal annotations work efficiently to tag objects, by selecting a relative class created by you. The system then labels each discovered instance with your detailed instructions. Our advanced platform supports hundreds of class variations to correctly label your images based on your requirements.
Semantic Segmentation
The Intekglobal semantic segmentation tool assists organizations with labels on a pixel-by-pixel level. This image detail provides a comprehensive computer understanding, which accurately solves the basic vision problem. The result efficiently extends into deep semantic learning.
Video Object Tracking
When it comes to video object tracking, Intekglobal computer vision services can’t be beat. Our tool boosts basic machine learning models by labeling objects 100 times faster than traditional human annotators. Rather than labeling objects frame by frame, the Intekglobal solution works by relabeling each separate object.
Landmark Tagging
The landmark tagging tool is beneficial in identifying specific areas and labeling them accordingly. The feature also incorporates robotics and facial recognition software. Our expert tool assists you in training your models on key points that belong to multiple classes, completely customized from your set of related characteristics.
Speech and Audio AI
Speech and audio AI is a recognition technology that converts spoken words into text. The subset of this tool is voice recognition, which identifies people based on their voice alone. Our voice recognition technology continues to evolve, incorporating virtual assistance and AI with services such as general transcription and voice to text. Intekglobal offers a wide variety of applications with voice protection, from bank accounts, solving crimes, language learning assistance, purchasing products and services, and even assistance in transcribing long interviews.